Outdoor Kitchen Versailles

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Outdoor Kitchen Versailles

Versailles Outdoor Kitchen

Imagine a outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your needs. Do you prefer a BBQ element for those perfect summer grill evenings? Or would you rather have a practical element with two doors for extra storage space? Perhaps you even need a refrigerator element to keep your drinks and ingredients cool, or a sink element for easy cleaning. With the Versailles Outdoor Kitchen, you have the freedom to choose. By combining different elements, you can create your ideal and most practical kitchen solution for your terrace. Whether you desire a single element or a complete kitchen with all the elements, it's all possible with the Versailles Outdoor Kitchen. Discover the versatility and luxury of this modular outdoor kitchen, complete with a convenient wine drawer and built-in BBQ options from top brands such as Boretti, Napoleon, and Grandhall. Whether you're an outdoor cooking enthusiast, an enthusiastic grill master, or a culinary artist, the Versailles Outdoor Kitchen is the ideal partner for your outdoor cooking adventures.

Furthermore, the Versailles Outdoor Kitchen offers you the following benefits:

1. Customized: We provide tailor-made advice from our experts, so you can create a perfectly fitting kitchen. Feel free to contact us.

2. High-quality countertops: Custom-made countertops made of Chinese natural stone tiles, Belgian bluestone, other types of natural stone, or Dekton, with arrangements with our supplier possible to choose the desired surface.

3. High-quality materials: You have the choice between scaffold wood or Douglas wood, both certified for sustainability, with various treatment options for extra protection. Additionally, the countertop is fully customizable to your style, using high-quality materials such as Chinese natural stone, Belgian bluestone, and other types of natural stone or Dekton.

4. Ability to add extra options such as a refrigerator, sink, faucet, BBQ cover, BBQ set, and handles.

5. Sustainable wood: The wooden components of the Versailles Outdoor Kitchen are made of sustainable scaffold wood or Douglas wood. We exclusively use FSC/PEFC-certified wood and only collaborate with certified sawmills and trading companies.

The Versailles Outdoor Kitchen is more than just an outdoor kitchen; it's an invitation to transform your outdoor space into a culinary paradise. You can customize your outdoor kitchen directly on our website. After placing your order, we will contact you to confirm the details and ensure that your new outdoor kitchen meets your expectations. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone and let our experts assist you in designing your perfect outdoor kitchen.


We have the best built inn BBQ's available.
Boretti Ibrido
Built inn width 112cm
Boretti Ligorio
Built inn width 112cm
Boretti Imperatore Nero
Built inn width 88cm
Grandhall Premium
Built inn width 65cm
Grandhall Maxim
Built inn width 86cm
Grandhall Elite
Built inn width 86cm
Napoleon 500 Serie
Built inn width 86cm
Napoleon 700-32
Built inn width 86cm
Napoleon 700-38
Built inn width 100cm
Napoleon 700-44
Built inn width 115cm
Napoleon Pro 500
Built inn width 82cm
Napoleon Pro 825
Built inn width 142cm


Sink & Tap

Reginox is a worldclass manufacturer of sinks & taps. That's why we love to work with them and of course it's dutch design! Standard we have the below listed items but if you want a different type or brand, please contact us.
Reginox Houston
RVS 40x40cm
Reginox Logan
Reginox Spring
Reginox Miami
Gunmetal 40x40cm
Reginox Crystal
Reginox Cano



As standard, we use Chinese bluestone tiles as worktops. These tiles are custom-made by us. Natural stone is one of the few materials that are suitable for outdoor use. We therefore use these tiles because it is excellent value for money. For loose element kitchens, loose tiles are of course necessary. We impregnate the tiles with a colour diluent which gives them a nice dark colour and makes them easy to remove for grease splashes etc. If you would like a single-piece top, we can of course also make it. We mainly use Belgian bluestone for this, but other types of natural stone or Dekton are also possible. It is possible to make an appointment with our supplier to pick out a top. Please contact us.


*Built-in BBQs are suitable for tight fitting, but at The Dutchwoodcraft Company we keep at least 1.5cm space next to the BBQ as standard to eliminate fire risk. (Also useful when using a BBQ cover). We are not responsible for improper use of the BBQ that may cause a fire. You should keep the BBQ clean, keep the spaces intact, use the correct gas connection and never leave the BBQ on continuously at the highest temperature with the cover closed. Before use, always read the instructions for use that come with the BBQ.




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