Garden Table Bugsy

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Garden Table Bugsy

Garden table Bugsy

The Garden Table Bugsy is a beautiful addition to our collection! The design of this table reminds one of a "bug" with its outward-sloping legs. With a minimalist and modern 4.5 cm thick top, Bugsy gives a striking appearance to any garden. The table is available in scaffolding wood and Douglas wood and can be treated with transparent oil, grey wash oil, or white wash oil as desired. With various length and width options (100 cm - 350 cm and 80 cm - 120 cm), we guarantee there is a perfect size for every outdoor space. Let the Bugsy garden table shine in combination with the Bugsy bench and our comfortable garden chairs. Order today and benefit from a unique and trendy garden furniture piece!

Advantages of the Garden Table Bugsy

  1. Trendy and Unique Design: The Garden Table Bugsy is a trendy table with outward-sloping legs, giving it a unique and eye-catching design. The design reminiscent of a "bug" is currently the latest trend in garden tables.

  2. Minimalist and Modern Look: With its 4.5 cm thick top, the Garden Table Bugsy has a minimalist and modern look. This gives the table a contemporary appearance that perfectly complements modern garden styles.

  3. Available in Different Wood Types and Treatments: The Garden Table Bugsy is available in scaffolding wood and Douglas wood. This allows you to choose the wood type that best suits your personal preferences and garden decor. Additionally, you can opt for various treatments such as transparent oil, grey wash oil, or white wash oil.

  4. Various Sizes Available: The Garden Table Bugsy is available in different lengths, ranging from 100 cm to 350 cm, and widths, ranging from 80 cm to 120 cm. This allows you to choose the dimensions that best fit your outdoor space and desired seating capacity.

  5. Combinations with Bugsy Bench and Garden Chairs: The Garden Table Bugsy can be stylishly combined with the matching Bugsy bench and/or our garden chairs. This creates a cohesive and stylish garden set perfect for hosting guests or relaxing outdoors.

  6. Optionally Available Matching Cushions: To enhance the comfort of the garden table, optionally available matching cushions can be ordered. These cushions provide additional seating comfort and add a touch of color and style to the table.

  7. High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: The Garden Table Bugsy is crafted from high-quality materials such as scaffolding wood and Douglas wood, with attention to craftsmanship and detail. This ensures that the table is durable and sturdy, providing years of enjoyment.

We offer customized solutions. You can design and order the garden table online, and we will deliver it to your home, including assembly.

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Table top height in cm+/-76cm
Height underside table top71cm




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