Cosipillar Dome Black

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Cosipillar Dome Black

Cosipillar Dome Black

The Cosipillar Dome is a real eye-catcher in your garden, on your terrace or under your veranda! The pillar-shaped gas fire gives off pleasant heat, up to 4 kW. Are you using the wheels provided? Then the Cosipillar Dome is movable as well.

The Cosipillar Dome's sleek and modern appearance is based on the Cosiscoop Dome gas lantern of the same name. Due to its large round fire ring, the Cosipillar Dome, unlike the gas lanterns and Cosiscoop Pillars, emits pleasant heat. Ideal on colder days or chilly evenings.

A gas bottle with a maximum height of 52 cm fits into the pillar-shaped gas fire. If you use a 5 kg gas bottle, the Cosipillar Dome will burn for about 16 hours. That ensures that you can enjoy the atmospheric flames together with friends and family for evenings on end. Both Benegas and DIN gas bottles fit into this beautiful gas fire.

The Cosipillar Dome is delivered including a 30 mBar regulator with gas hose, glass, lava stones, a battery and wheels.

Fuel consumption Max 291 gram/hour
Heat capacity4 kW
Dimensions40 x 40 x 116 cm



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