Clementi Mondo

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Clementi Mondo

The Clementi Mondo pizza oven, like all other Clementi ovens, is made of durable materials, fully insulated and very quickly reaches the desired temperature. Unique through its patented air circulation system. The only pizza oven with which you can easily fire with the door closed. With this type you have the least trouble with smoke.

The Clementi Mondo pizza oven is an ideal product for all cooking and baking enthusiasts. With ease you can make the best pizzas, oven dishes and bread in this pizza oven. This wood oven is also very suitable for dishes to smoke and barbecue. Even slow-cooking is possible!

Air Plus System
Patented air circulation system

It is the only pizza oven in the world that uses a unique air circulation system (Air Plus System):

Every pizza oven gets its oxygen for the fire to burn properly through the doorway. The Clementi Mondo, however, also gets its air from the bottom of the oven. The air is released inside the oven in the left side wall. This makes it the only wood-burning oven that can be fired with the door closed! With a glass door, you can easily follow the process.


Outer dimensions Mondo 60 (dxbxh)77x80x46
Outer dimensions Mondo 80 (dxbxh)77x100x53
Outer dimensions Mondo 100 (dxbxh)97x120x65
Weight Mondo 6095
Weight Mondo 80112
Weight Mondo 100230
Warm-up time15-30min (depending on size)




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