Cooperation with Cosifires

Create atmosphere in your garden with Cosi

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Cosi. Since the beginning of April, we now sell Cosiscoops and Cosipillows in our studio.
Especially come and see how great this combines with our natural products.

Who are Cosi?

Enjoying a good glass of wine with family and friends in your own garden, on holiday or just on the go. All Cosi products are made to enjoy these beautiful moments in life extra. We have a suitable heating product for every situation. Whether you have much or little space, want to turn your lounge area into a really cosy and warm place or are looking for that eye-catcher for your garden, thanks to our diversity of products you will always find the Cosi that suits you.

Why is Cosi such a good fit for us?

The warm look of our wood and Cosi's ambient products create the ultimate experience in your garden. And what about the Cosipillows! These heat cushions extend the season. You can enjoy your garden and our furniture for longer.
Cosi was conceived by designers in the Netherlands. So with us, you buy Dutch Design furniture and Dutch Design accessories!